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07 May 2034 @ 05:30 pm
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I am pretty much 99.5% Not Accepting New Friends right now. But there are always acceptions
13 August 2015 @ 10:33 pm
Friend cuts are really difficult and now I know why I never did them. Unfortunately I had to do one now because I am feeling too overwhelmed. Not just with livejournal but with my life too. But when I come to livejournal to escape and then get stressed out that I am not paying enough attention to my friends on here. It is a vicious cycle and I had to do something about it.

I'm really sorry.

I wish you all the best ♥
03 May 2015 @ 01:00 pm
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I am so sorry, I need to make a massive friends cut, I just cannot keep up with everyone and that makes me feel guilty. And sad. You are all such wonderful people in your own ways. I know we became friends for reasons and I am sorry to cut those to shreds. Just know I have appreciated having you in my life. I'm just going through so much not and feeling overwhelmed about an online journal is not another stressor I need. I love you all. Best wishes. All my love ♥ Tig~

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I will carry you with me, til I see you again.~
If we're connected through facebook and goodreads please don't break that tie.
My Criteria for a Friends Cut

a. You cut me first.
2. You've been on my list awhile and I really don't know you that well and we don't connect outside of LJ.
c) You don't update - I update a lot and lately it has been a lot of deep emotional stuff and I don't like the fact that you can read all about me and I can read nothing about you that's not how friendship on here works not to me at least
4. I find myself skipping over your entries. It isn't fair to you, and it isn't fair to my other friends. You took the time to make that post that I'm not reading and that makes me feel bad why are we still friends if I don't want to read your entries?
e. We've connected outside of lj and you never use it anymore. I hate dead journals sitting around collecting dust. If you ever do come back let me know and I will be happy to welcome you back with open arms. But only updating once in awhile drives me nuts when I update all the time. I want to be on equal footing y'know? I want to know as much that is going on in your life as you do in mine?

I really hate to do these. A lot. But sometimes I feel the need to because I get so behind on here and I need to pay better attention to the people that pay attention to me, the ones that know me and I know them.

And some of it is my anxiety. I get super nervous about what I am sharing and with whom. I let you in and you don't connect with me and I just feel awkward so I have to let you go. No offense. I wish you the best it just didn't work out.